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At Joyful Arts Movement, you matter! We believe in personal touches and extra details that make sure our students know how important they are. We believe in clear communication, offering grace, and teaching life lessons through dance and arts.

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Class descriptions

Below you will find out about the classes we offer at Joyful Arts Movement. 

For dance, our 1-7 year old students are grouped together by age for the best learning environment. 7-18 year old students are grouped together by experience and skill level and our adult students are grouped as 18+, though we are hoping to add more skill levels as our program grows.

We base many classes off the age of a student by September 1 of the current school year so all of the students are one age, moving to the next. This helps us make sure that our students grow at an adequate pace throughout the academic year.

All of our 2-18 year old dance classes besides hip hop have a color coded dress code uniform that we share once enrollment is received.

Art classes for ages 7-14

Intro to art

From painting and drawing to sculpting and mixed media, we’ll unleash imagination and nurture artistic skills. Our expert instructor will guide students in discovering different art styles, techniques, and famous artists, fostering a love for creativity and self-expression. Get ready for a colorful and inspiring adventure as we bring imaginations to life on canvas and paper!

Early childhood Dance classes

Baby Jam (1-2 year olds)

Baby Jam is a parent/giver and child class where we explore music, dance, story telling, and more–together!

Terrific 2-3’s (2 -3 year olds)

Our 2-3’s class is the perfect class to teach the foundations of dance at a young age through play, music, stories, and more! We will explore beginner concepts of ballet, tap, and tumbling.

Merry Mini Dancers (3-4 year olds)

Merry Mini’s is a fun ballet/tap combo class that uses fun music, storytelling, and imagination to teach technique each week.

Friendship 5-7 (5-7 year olds)

Friendship 5-7 is a ballet/tap/jazz combo class where in addition to technique we also teach a lot about friendship while using music, storytelling, and imagination.

Tumble Hop (3-7 year olds)

If your little one doesn’t know if they want to dance or do gymnastics, we highly recommend Tumble Hop! This class combines the best of both worlds–fun hip hop moves while learning how to safely tumble in two levels, Tumble 1 and Tumble Hop 2.

Beginner and intermediate Dance Classes ages 7+

Junior Jam (7+ BEGINNER & intermediate level)

Junior Jam is a ballet/tap/jazz combo class for dancers with a few years of experience in these styles. By this age these dancers have gone from wanting to dance for fun to taking it more seriously–all while still having fun of course! Dancers are placed in this class by instructor approval.

High intermediate Dance classes ages 8+

Dazzlers (9+ high intermediate level)

Dazzlers is a ballet/tap/jazz combo class for dancers with several years of experience in these styles. Dancers are placed in this class by instructor approval.

Dance classes for experienced teens

Diamonds (12+ year olds)

Diamonds is a ballet/tap/jazz combo class for experienced teen dancers. Dancers are placed in this class by instructor approval.

addon dance classes

Hip Hop (7+)

Hip Hop is an upbeat style of dance that uses a variety of formal styles such as tutting, breakdancing, and more to create choreography. Hip Hop at JAM is a high energy class that focuses on strength and conditioning, stylization, and confidence.

Acro (7+)

We offer two levels of Acro at JAM and will place each student accordingly. Acro works on tumbling and dance skills along with flexibility, partner work, and strength/conditioning.

Musical Theater (7+)

This is perfect for theater loving kids. We work on dance, singing, and acting skills.

Lyrical (8+)

Lyrical is a beautiful style of dance that often utilizes ballet and jazz movements while teaching students to express themselves through dance. There’s a focus on improvisation along with creating new types of movement and expressing emotion in a safe place.

Pointe (11+)

Pre-Pointe at JAM is an invitation only class, taken with our pointe students. Students can be invited as young as 10-11 years old and typically complete 1-2 years of pre-pointe before earning their pointe shoes. Pointe is a beautiful style of dance that requires a lot of strength, hard work, and focus among many other things to succeed.

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